Cantankerous Football Fans…

So since the SuperBowl was this past weekend (Congrats Eagles fans!), I thought the time would be right to share a quick Real Estate Story relating to football. About 12-15 years ago, we were in the process of selling a home to a nice couple that had a little boy. One day towards the end of the sale, the mother came by the office to sign some paperwork and she had just picked up her son from school. Our office manager, Christy, met with them to go over the paperwork and show them where to sign. The boy, about age 8, was wearing a Steelers Jersey. Christy, knowing that Wayne, Jackie, and Zach are big Steelers fans, comments on the jersey. “Wow that’s a cool jersey! You’re a Steelers fan too? We have several big Steelers fans that work here…” Much to Christy’s surprise, he looked disgusted. “No!” He replied, “I hate the Steelers! I like the Eagles..” Puzzled, Christy looked to the mother for explanation. She could hardly contain her laughter before elaborating, “When he’s being punished, we make him wear this Jersey, I am the Steelers fan and he hates to wear it”.

Well, if that boy continued to be an Eagles fan he had a very good weekend as did the rest of the fanatical Philadelphia fanbase. Actually, anyone who was sick of Tom Brady’s Patriots (like me) had a good weekend as the game was exceptional, breaking all kinds of offensive records and featuring a dramatic finish. The head coach for the Eagles, Doug Pederson, was very bold and brave, going for it on 4th down instead of punting on more than one occasion, very gutsy indeed. That’s the type of boldness necessary for victory on the biggest stage in sports, boldness required to topple a sports empire like the Patriots. The stories of most of the main people involved in the Eagles unexpected ascension are well chronicled in a great article on the Sports illustrated website;

The Eagles are a young and eager team so who knows what the future will hold for them in the coming years. Whether it marks the start of a new Sports Dynasty or not, SuperBowl 52 will be remembered and celebrated  for a long time for the men that brought an improbable championship to the oft maligned Eagles fans; the Head Coach that was deemed too inexperienced to be successful, the General Manager cast aside for years by his own organization, and the career backup Quarterback that had all but retired from the sport. It’s actually a really inspiring story to not give up on your dreams, and most important of all, never give up on yourself. You might just topple a dynasty someday after all..


A slithering deception.

So, this is my very first blog post ever and I think I’ll start with an amusing story from about 10-12 years ago to kick things off. In the world of Real Estate, Agents get into all kinds of random shenanigans where one must come up with a solution to a problem on the fly. This is a great example of that!

At the time, I (Zach) was working with Wayne and Jackie mainly in the capacity of being a Gofer or Errand Boy. I usually loved running errands because I was great at it. A Chambersburg native, I knew the streets like the back of my hand and I prided myself on being super fast at getting across town. I knew what time of day the school buses ran and what streets to avoid during those times, as well as all the shortcuts only locals would know. On this particular errand, I think I drove a little slower than usual, poking and plodding my way because I was not excited at all about the task. My goal was to rid a basement of a dead snake!!! YUCK!!!

I’ll be the first to tell you that I hate hate snakes. I don’t care if they are happy or friendly or “more afraid of me than I am of it” as snake defenders often say. I just do not want to be near them or see them in any capacity, ever!  So of course I was on my way to dispose of one. It all started when an agent from a rival company had shown a nice listing of ours in an upscale neighborhood and the potential buyers were horrified to find a dead snake living in the basement. So of course me, the Gofer, was dispatched to take care of this issue with nothing more than a push broom, a dustpan, and a trash-bag or two. Gofer vs. dead snake, who would win???!!!!  It didn’t help that the basement in question was rather dark; this was a vacant house after all, so most all the furniture and lamps were removed from the property.  I entered the basement and waited for my eyes to adjust a moment, and then spotted my nemesis about 20 feet away on the floor. Now I usually consider myself brave; I’m not too afraid of much of anything, but snakes are like that one thing I just can’t stand. So I paced around a bit, both lamenting the situation and trying to overcome my jitters with positive self talk. I uttered lots of encouraging things to myself. “Come on dude, it’s just a little snake, a baby. And it’s dead!” “You can do this” “This is nothing!”  I psyched myself up, adrenaline pumping through my veins, I was finally ready to do it! I ran over to the snake and quickly plopped the dustpan down beside the little slithering abomination and used the broom to start to push it into place on the pan. Suddenly, PANIC!!! FREAKOUT!!! Hibbly Jibblies ran the distance up and down my spine as the very much alive creature starts to thrash about and hiss on my dustpan. I dropped my equipment and jumped as high and as far back as I could. I am not proud to admit that the positive self talk was replaced by several choice expletives that flew out of my mouth as I tried to calm myself. I furiously dialed my mom  “This Darn snake is not dead!!!” I yelled at her. “Well your dad is busy for the rest of day and I need it taken care of. I’m sorry….. Do you really want to make your mother do this??”  ” No!” I retorted but I wasn’t happy about the situation at all. Now paranoid, I looked about the basement, wondering which way danger was lurking, ready to strike. I did spot what appeared to be another slithering pile of something across the floor. I carefully approached but it seemed much more apparent that this one was in fact dead, the one that the potential buyers had originally found. I went back and retrieved my tools from the ground and took care of the actual dead snake, but the live one had not vacated the basement as I had hoped it would. This time it took even longer to work up my resolve. Although i loathed it, I know it was just a part of God’s creation so I wasn’t actually excited to harm it. For the sake of shortening this story, I did end up killing the poor little bugger. I flipped the push broom on it’s side and bopped the little snake on the head repeatedly till it stopped moving and then a few more times for good measure.. but it didn’t feel good to do it. The whole way back to the office I kept checking the trash bag for movement. Jeesh the things we get into for our clients. To this day, I STILL HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!